Fall Project Car, Truck & More Auction

Fall Project Car, Truck & More Auction

News: We just received a consignment of new items including car hoists, fabric buildings and more. Watch for details.

New Bidders: We highly recommend using the max bid feature the day of the auction and watch your items from there. Old devices, internet lag, and lack of bidding experience can cause you frustration. Especially if you are trying to buy more than one item.  

Some lots are grouped. That means no lot in that group will close until bidding is exhausted on all lots in the group. Grouped lots can "clog" up the screen, be sure to scroll down to make sure you don't miss the one item you are after. 

Soft Close: Any lot that has a bid placed in the 35 seconds will extend that lot 35 seconds. If the lots are grouped, it will extend every lot in the group.  

1108 Us Hwy 12, MILES CITY, Montana 59301
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